Microsoft Advertising launches Property Center and expands lodging campaigns globally

Microsoft Advertising launched Property Center, a central hub for managing Lodging Campaigns, which simplifies hotel and vacation rental property advertising.

Microsoft Advertising launches Property Center and expands lodging campaigns globally

Microsoft Advertising today announced the global availability of Lodging Campaigns and the introduction of Property Center. These features aim to simplify hotel and vacation rental property advertising for businesses of all sizes.

Property Center, formerly known as Hotel Center, acts as a central hub for managing Lodging Campaigns within Microsoft Advertising. This upgrade allows for direct upload and management of property assets for campaigns, simplifying the process of running Hotel Price Ads and Property Promotion Ads.

Benefits of Property Center

  • Centralized Management: Property Center provides a single location to upload and manage all assets required for Lodging Campaigns.
  • Direct Uploads: Previously, property information was uploaded through integration partners. Property Center empowers businesses to directly manage their property data.
  • Expanded Scope: Property Center now caters to both hotels and vacation rentals, opening advertising opportunities for a wider range of lodging businesses.

Getting Started with Property Center

Microsoft Advertising offers comprehensive resources to help users navigate Property Center, including:

  • Help Pages: In-depth information on Property Center functionalities can be found on Microsoft Advertising's help pages [Link to Microsoft Advertising Property Center Help documentation].
  • API Content: For developers integrating Property Center with their systems, dedicated API content is available [Link to Microsoft Advertising Property Center API documentation].
  • Support: Microsoft Advertising provides ad support and account team assistance for any questions regarding Property Center.

Lodging Campaigns Now Available Globally

Lodging Campaigns, previously in limited release, are now available to all Microsoft Advertising users worldwide. These campaigns offer features designed to streamline property advertising, including:

  • Simplified Campaign Creation: The campaign creation process has been streamlined for faster setup and launch of advertising campaigns.
  • Enhanced Reporting: Lodging Campaigns provide improved reporting functionalities, allowing for better campaign performance analysis.
  • Bidding and Budgeting Options: Granular control over bidding and budgeting strategies is offered within Lodging Campaigns.

Impact on Lodging Businesses

The combination of Property Center and Lodging Campaigns is expected to benefit lodging businesses by:

  • Increased Efficiency: Streamlined campaign management through Property Center can save businesses time and resources.
  • Improved Control: Direct control over property data and campaign settings empowers businesses to optimize their advertising efforts.
  • Wider Audience Reach: Lodging Campaigns' global availability allows businesses to target a broader audience of potential guests.
  • Enhanced Performance: Lodging Campaigns' features, such as improved reporting and bidding options, can potentially lead to better campaign performance and return on investment (ROI).

This move by Microsoft Advertising aligns with the increasing demand for online advertising solutions within the hospitality industry. Property Center and Lodging Campaigns offer a potentially competitive solution for hoteliers and vacation rental businesses seeking to attract guests through online advertising.

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