Microsoft Advertising launches Experiments globally

Microsoft Advertising today launched Experiments globally, enabling advertisers to do clean A/B testings. An Experiment is a duplicate version of a campaign that provides the advertiser with a controlled environment to monitor a change without fully launching it across the whole campaign.

Microsoft says experiments help advertisers as every change they make can make a huge difference for the business, and sometimes, it’s not immediately clear whether a new bidding strategy, setting, or feature is the best.

Examples of Experiments: ad copy – test various messages and calls-to-action – landing page URLs – test different landing pages – bidding strategies and modifiers – allocate a percentage of your campaign budget towards a smart bidding tactic like Maximize Clicks, or test out different bid adjustments.

Microsoft Advertising recommends running Experiments in A/A mode for two weeks, for the most accurate results. This means the original campaign and experiment campaign remain the same for the first two weeks after getting the experiment created.