Microsoft Advertising streamlines international campaigns with new Feed Labels feature

Microsoft Advertising streamlines international campaigns with new Feed Labels feature
Feed Labels

Microsoft Advertising this week announced a new feature designed to simplify cross-border (international) advertising for retailers. Feed Labels enables advertisers to streamline international campaigns by grouping products from different feeds based on common characteristics.

This highly anticipated update will begin rolling out in mid-March and is expected to be available for all advertisers by the end of the month.

Feed Labels allow retailers to organize products from multiple feeds using shared attributes like language, product category, or brand. For instance, a retailer selling in the UK, France, and Germany can create a single feed label and apply it across all three corresponding product feeds.

Once a feed label is set up, advertisers can create a shopping campaign targeting that specific label. The campaign will automatically pull relevant products from all associated feeds and display targeted ads to potential customers in the selected markets.

Key Benefits of Feed Labels

  • Enhanced Efficiency: Feed Labels reduce the need to create separate campaigns for each market, saving advertisers time and effort.
  • Expanded Reach: By consolidating product feeds, retailers can easily target a broader international audience.
  • Flexibility: Microsoft Advertising will continue to support targeting by country/region of sale for advertisers who prefer that method.

Microsoft Advertising emphasizes that Feed Labels are distinct from Custom Labels. Custom Labels are used to subdivide products within a single feed for granular bidding and reporting. In contrast, Feed Labels strategically group products across multiple feeds for broader targeting.

Retailers seeking to optimize their cross-border advertising efforts should prepare to take advantage of Feed Labels starting mid-March. Microsoft Advertising anticipates a smooth rollout, with full availability expected by the end of the month.

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