Microsoft Audiences now available in Invest (Microsoft DSP)

Microsoft Audiences now available in Invest (Microsoft DSP)
Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft has launched this month Microsoft Audiences in Invest (Microsoft DSP - ex-AppNexus/Xandr). Microsoft Audiences enables advertisers to reach engaged Microsoft users with personalized ads.

Microsoft Audiences in Invest are powered by Microsoft's unique set of assets, including its search engine Bing, its browser Edge, and other proprietary solutions. This gives advertisers access to privacy-safe consumer data sets from multiple data signals.

According to Microsoft, the new Microsoft Audiences in Microsoft DSP reach more than one billion people who use Microsoft's consumer web services. Advertisers can also leverage the power of search intent to improve the performance of their campaigns.

Benefits of activating Microsoft Audiences in Microsoft Invest

  • Access to predefined segments of engaged users
  • The ability to customize audience strategies to achieve specific business goals
  • Direct access to Microsoft inventory, including Microsoft Start, Microsoft 365, Outlook, and Casual Games
  • Access to an omnichannel marketplace with direct access to premium supply and unique deals from 1500+ publisher partners
  • Advanced buying features such as splits, custom algorithms, as well as tracking, measurement, and in-house attribution solutions

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