Microsoft Clarity's Copilot now analyzes mobile app user behavior

New AI Feature Summarizes User Recordings and Heatmaps for Mobile Apps.

Microsoft Clarity
Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft last week announced the expansion of Copilot, its AI-powered analytics tool, to include mobile app projects within the Microsoft Clarity platform. Previously, Copilot was only available for analyzing user behavior on websites. This development offers mobile app developers and marketers a new tool to understand how users interact with their apps.

How Copilot Analyzes Mobile App User Behavior

Copilot leverages artificial intelligence to analyze user recordings and heatmaps collected through the Microsoft Clarity SDK. Here's a closer look at the two functionalities currently available:

Session Insights: This feature utilizes Generative AI to automatically generate key takeaways from individual session recordings. This can significantly reduce the time required to analyze user journeys within an app, especially when reviewing numerous sessions.

Grouped Session Insights: This functionality allows users to summarize insights from multiple session recordings simultaneously. This is helpful for identifying recurring user behavior patterns and pinpointing specific recordings that warrant a closer look.

Benefits of Copilot for Mobile App Analysis

By automatically generating summaries of user recordings and heatmaps, Copilot offers several benefits for mobile app developers and marketers:

  • Improved Efficiency: Copilot reduces the time required to analyze user behavior data, allowing teams to focus on addressing user pain points and optimizing the app experience.
  • Actionable Insights: The tool generates key takeaways that can be directly applied to improve app design, functionality, and user engagement.
  • Identification of Trends: Grouped session insights can help identify recurring user behavior patterns across a larger sample size.

Microsoft has hinted at several upcoming features for Copilot on mobile apps, including:

  • Heatmap Insights: This feature will provide summaries of user tap behavior across various app screens. This can offer valuable insights into how users navigate within the app and identify areas requiring optimization.
  • Clarity Chat: Similar to the existing functionality for web projects, Clarity Chat will allow users to ask questions about their app's Clarity data using natural language. Copilot will then generate concise summaries in response to these queries.

The expansion of Copilot to mobile app projects represents a significant advancement in Microsoft Clarity's analytics capabilities. By leveraging AI to automate data analysis tasks, Copilot empowers mobile app developers and marketers to gain deeper user behavior insights and make data-driven decisions to improve their apps. As new features like Heatmap Insights and Clarity Chat become available, Copilot is poised to become an even more valuable tool within the Microsoft Clarity platform.

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