Microsoft to buy Xandr

Microsoft to buy Xandr
AT&T agrees to sell Xandr to Microsoft.

Microsoft today announced it has agreed with AT&T to acquire Xandr (formerly known as AppNexus).

Xandr is an affiliate of AT&T. AT&T acquired AppNexus back in 2018. AppNexus, now known as Xandr, is an SSP and a DSP that connects publishers with advertisers. Advertisers have access to publishers connected in Xandr exchange via other DSPs like Adform, MediaMath, DV360, among others.

Microsoft says Xandr acquisition will enable the company to improve activation and advertising results with Xandr’s cross-screen and format capabilities.

Microsoft plans to increase the advertiser and publisher value with Microsoft’s global native ad buying solution, the Microsoft Audience Network, by helping improve ad performance while providing access to global supply via Xandr.

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