MigApp: TUNE is helping United Nations to reach 1 million downloads next year

TUNE announced today a partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United Nations Migration Agency, to support the launch of a new mobile application, MigApp. MigApp provides migrants with access to vital services including humanitarian aid, legal help, and remittance information throughout their journey. MigApp is available on Android and IOS based mobile devices for free.

TUNE and IOM are partnering to help promote the launch and global adoption of MigApp. TUNE will provide MigApp with full access and dedicated product support to the TUNE Marketing Console (TMC) on a pro-bono basis throughout 2018. Through this partnership, MigApp and the IOM mobile strategy team will measure and expand global app discovery and adoption, increase app engagement and optimize efforts to retain MigApp users in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. The IOM has a goal of reaching 1 billion migrants and 1 million MigApp downloads in 2018.

Of the global population, 3.3 percent or 244 million people, migrated to a new country in 2015. The IOM estimates that another 750 million people migrate inside countries annually, bringing the total number of global migrants to a staggering 1 billion people. To help support migrants, IOM works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners to gather information and relay it to people on the move. With 166 member states, over 400 field locations and more than 90 percent of its staff deployed in the field, the IOM plays a critical role as one of the lead responders to the world’s worst humanitarian emergencies.

“Today on International Migrants Day, we recognize the millions of people around the world who aspire to seek out a better life for themselves and their families, and do so in spite of ideological, economic and geopolitical roadblocks,” said Alex Dougan, Project Manager for the IOM.

What MigApp do?

MigApp supports IOM’s mission of facilitating safe and orderly migration for individuals and families worldwide. The MigApp mobile application provides vital and potentially lifesaving information to people as they embark on arduous, lengthy and at times dangerous migration journeys. Specifically, MigApp will help migrants make informed decisions by providing relevant information.

Online registration and the storage of data captured through registration of migrants via MigApp, allowing IOM to capture data which can be used to analyze global, regional or local migration patterns and trends. This data, could potentially feed into future migration-related programming and studies that will help IOM proactively respond to emerging issues.

Remittance comparison, allowing migrants to find the most cost-effective means to send money back home.

Up-to-date and practical information from the IOM programs and thematic services.

Connect people together through the “I am a Migrant” section where people can upload their story and picture.

Notifications about various emergencies, health information or important information related to their location.