MOLOCO launches an in-house design studio

MOLOCO Studio is composed of a multi-disciplinary team including data scientists, graphic designers, and campaign strategists.

MOLOCO launches an in-house design studio

MOLOCO today announced the launch of an in-house design studio. The new MOLOCO Studio helps advertisers and marketers deliver best-in-class ad creative across the programmatic ecosystem.

MOLOCO Studio is providing end-to-end campaign management — from analysis and concepting to design, measurement and optimization. Formats include static banners, dynamic videos, native ads, interstitials, and playable ads. The studio is headed by Anurag Agrawal, global vice president of product management.

MOLOCO says campaigns designed by MOLOCO Studio have generated average impression-to-install conversion rates of 3.2 percent — a 20 percent lift over other ads on the MOLOCO platform.

“No company understands the programmatic ecosystem better than MOLOCO, and MOLOCO Studio enables us to apply our knowledge and expertise to create dynamic, engaging experiences that resonate with audiences and help drive our client’s marketing goals,” said Ikkjin Ahn, CEO of MOLOCO. “Our unique approach to optimizing mobile ads combines creativity, technology, and a surplus of data insights to scale campaigns with ease and ensure we outperform even the most demanding performance metrics.”

MOLOCO Studio leverages data-driven insights derived from the company’s proprietary machine learning algorithms to determine which creative assets and campaign strategies will appeal most to an advertiser’s targeted audiences.

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