MoPub integrates Pixalate’s pre-bid invalid traffic (IVT) filtering

MoPub integrates Pixalate’s pre-bid invalid traffic (IVT) filtering

Pixalate this week announced an expansion of the partnership with Twitter’s MoPub. MoPub’s has now a direct integration with Pixalate’s pre-bid invalid traffic (IVT) filtering.

Pixalate says this newly-launched solution marks a milestone, eliminating IVT from MoPub Marketplace and maximizing the quality of in-app mobile traffic for demand-side partners and their advertisers.

MoPub is directly integrated with Pixalate’s pre-bid IVT blocking solution, which helps to proactively identify and filter out invalid ad calls in real-time from the Marketplace.

Any ad calls deemed invalid as per the MRC definition of invalid traffic are immediately dropped from the exchange.  However, publishers may still have the opportunity to monetize these ad calls through other non-exchange mediated ad groups, such as ad networks.

“Our pre-bid Blocking works as a proactive anti-ad fraud solution for customers,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “You can’t play whack-a-mole against scammers and expect to effectively reduce risk. We’re thrilled to bring platform-wide protection to MoPub for a more comprehensive strategy against ad fraud.”

According to Pixalate, pre-bid IVT filtering is blocking 38 types of IVT across 3 key data signals: IPs, device IDs, and user agents, is minimizing IVT exposure to 180+ DSP partners, is enhancing Pixalate internal understanding of traffic quality indicators, is reducing the risk of post-bid IVT and publisher infractions.

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