Mozilla Monitor Plus: New paid service offers automatic data removal and continuous monitoring

Mozilla Monitor Plus: New paid service offers automatic data removal and continuous monitoring
Mozilla Monitor

This week Mozilla announced the launch of Monitor Plus, a new paid subscription service that builds upon its existing free Mozilla Monitor offering.

Monitor Plus provides automatic data removal and continuous monitoring of exposed personal information on data broker sites.

Key features of Monitor Plus:

  • Automatic data removal: Subscribers can request the removal of their personal information from over 190 data broker sites, twice the number offered by competitors.
  • Continuous monitoring: Monitor Plus scans for new exposures every month and automatically initiates removal requests.
  • Free one-time scan: Users can scan for exposed information on data broker sites without subscribing.
  • Data breach alerts: Monitor Plus inherits the data breach notification feature from the free Mozilla Monitor service.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard: Users can track their progress and see where their information has been exposed.

Market opportunity:

  • A recent consumer privacy survey found that 42% of young adults are interested in learning more about the data companies collect on them.
  • Data breaches and data broker sites are growing concerns for consumers.
  • Monitor Plus offers a convenient and comprehensive solution for protecting personal information.

Pricing and availability:

  • Monitor Plus is available for an annual subscription of $8.99 per month ($107.88 per year).
  • The free one-time scan and paid subscription service are currently offered to users in the United States.

“When we launched Monitor, our goal was to help people discover where their personal info may have been exposed. Now, with Monitor Plus, we’ll help people take back their exposed data from data broker sites that are trying to sell it,” said Tony Amaral-Cinotto, Product Manager of Mozilla Monitor at Mozilla. “Our long-standing commitment to put people’s needs first and our easy step-by-step process makes Monitor Plus unique. Additionally, we combine breach alerts and data broker removal to offer an all-in-one protection tool and make it easier for people to feel and be safe online.”

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