Narrative raises $8.5 million as it launches the Data Streams Marketplace

Narrative raises $8.5 million as it launches the Data Streams Marketplace
Data Streams Marketplace

Narrative, a New York-based company, today announced it has raised $8.5 million, in a a series A round led by G20 Ventures, with additional funding from existing investors: Glasswing Ventures, MathCapital, Revel Partners, Tuhaye Venture Partners, and XSeed Capital.

Narrative says it will use the funding to support the launch of Data Streaming, which the company says it will replace the broken data broker industry model with a transformative solution. The Data Streams Marketplace enables anyone to browse and purchase the data they need.

Data Streams Marketplace sells app audiences, meaning mobile IDs. The mobile IDs purchased are delivered directly to a connected Facebook Ad Account or via CSV download.

Narrative describes the Data Streams Marketplace as a place where users can do data discovery, onboarding, enrichment, identity resolution, and privacy and compliance.

According to Narrative, the Data Streaming Platform eliminates the inefficiencies in data transactions that hold companies back from maximizing the success of their data-driven initiatives, delivering data specificity at unprecedented scale and affordability while ensuring data fidelity and helping resolve today’s biggest issues regarding data management, transparency, and governance.

“‘I love my data broker,’ said no one ever. As sales and services companies, data brokers have become intermediaries who are doing what they want with data in ways you don’t know,” said Nick Jordan, founder and CEO of Narrative, in a statement. “With a data broker, you get what they send to you. That’s how they make money. This is sub-par; it’s not agile—and you can’t optimize it. We have shortened the data supply chain by going direct—cutting out the broker, and making data liquid and transparent.”

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