New Updates to Consent Mode from Google

New Updates to Consent Mode from Google

In a bid to enhance enforcement of the EU User Consent Policy (EU UCP) for audience and measurement solutions, Google announced new updates to consent mode for Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Analytics.

These updates may require immediate action from marketing professionals to preserve ads personalization features before March 2024.

To ensure continued performance of campaigns and ads personalization features, marketing professionals should:

  • Evaluate their consent collection processes: Ensure that consent is being collected in a compliant manner.
  • Upgrade consent mode API: Update to the latest version of the consent mode API to take advantage of new features.
  • Partner with CMPs: Consider using a Google CMP Partner for streamlined consent management.
  • Upgrade APIs/SDKs: Update Google APIs/SDKs used for audience data sharing to the latest versions.

With Chrome's planned third-party cookie deprecation and ongoing regulatory changes, consent mode is becoming increasingly important for marketing professionals. By implementing consent mode and leveraging first-party data and Google AI, marketers can build durable and effective advertising solutions.

The new updates to consent mode present both challenges and opportunities for marketing professionals. By taking immediate action and adapting to these changes, marketers can ensure that they are compliant with regulations, preserve audience targeting capabilities, and deliver effective campaigns for their clients.

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