Nielsen data crowns YouTube #1 streaming service in US for 12 months

Nielsen data crowns YouTube #1 streaming service in US for 12 months

Nielsen this month confirmed YouTube as the leading streaming platform in the United States for watch time, holding the position for a full year. This signifies a major shift in the entertainment industry, solidifying YouTube's role as a key player in the streaming landscape.

Viewership Statistics:

  • Global viewers average over 1 billion hours of YouTube content on TVs daily.
  • The number of top creators garnering most watch time on TVs increased by 400%.
  • YouTube Shorts views on connected TVs doubled from January to September 2023.

Contributing Factors

  • Enhanced Content Experience: YouTube's ongoing platform improvements include features like lean-back viewing and personalized recommendations, enhancing its usability for TV viewers.
  • CTV Ad Optimization: YouTube's advertising options have been specifically tailored for connected TVs, providing a seamless user experience.
  • Diverse Content Library: YouTube offers an extensive and varied content library, ranging from music videos and comedic sketches to educational tutorials and live events, catering to various audience interests.
  • Empowered Creators: YouTube creators are consistently producing high-quality content that rivals traditional television, fostering strong connections with their audiences.

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