Ok Google: speak in Hindi

Since this week, Assistant on Google Home and Google Home Mini is now able to speak Hindi. For now, English and Hindi can’t be used together.

How to setup Hindi on Google Home?

To set up the Assistant on Google Home in Hindi, users need to open the Google Home app on the phone, tap the Account icon at the lower right corner, then tap Settings. Navigate to the Assistant tab, then select Languages, tap ‘Add a language’ and set ‘हिंदी (भारत)’ as the first language in the list.

Google launched the Google Home and Google Home Mini in April this year in India, but before 1 November, Assistant was only able to speak in English.

Our team has been hard at work teaching the Assistant on Google Home to understand Hindi, and it will now respond to you with uniquely Indian contexts. The Assistant is already available in Hindi on your smartphone, and now you can also get hands-free help at home in Hindi to get things done in your world.

Purvi Shah, Technical Program Manager, Assistant at Google

Start speaking with Google Assistant in Hindi

All Google Actions in Hindi are available here.

To start, try asking “आप क्या कर सक्ते हैं?” – meaning “What can you do?”, or ask about the weather or plan and map your commute.

News sources such as Times of India, NDTV, Dainik Bhaskar, India Today, Aaj Tak and more. All it takes is a question like “बॉलीवुड के गाने चलाओ”, or “आज की खबर बताओ”.

Can’t remember if you switched off the kitchen light before going to bed? You need to ask: “क्या मेरी बैडरूम के लाइट्स ऑन है?”