Sizmek upgrades over 30% of its clients to Sizmek Advertising Suite

Sizmek last week announced it has upgraded over 30% of its customers to the newly Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS). Syzmek says the remaining upgrades are scheduled for the next few months.

According to Syzmek, the Sizmek Advertising Suite (SAS) is “designed for efficiency, speed, and control, the new platform streamlines workloads, eliminates busywork, and refocuses time on getting results for clients. What might involve a hundred clicks on another platform takes just a few on SAS, making Sizmek the fastest and most efficient way to deliver compelling, personalized experiences while also serving as a single source of truth for objective measurement.”

“Now more than ever, we are hearing from advertisers that they want to work with vendors that don’t restrict their data, have a full end-to-end platform, and interests that are aligned with their own. Through a single, independent platform, Sizmek provides agencies and brands the best independent alternative that brings together data, creative, and media–all powered by AI, under one roof. Sizmek Advertising Suite opens up new possibilities making the Sizmek DSP, DMP, Verification and Creative solutions accessible under a single login with integrated workflows.”

Volker Hatz, Chief Data Officer at Sizmek