OpenRTB updated to support Google's Protected Audience API

OpenRTB updated to support Google's Protected Audience API
Protected Audience API

The IAB Tech Lab last month announced updates to the OpenRTB protocol to facilitate integration with Google's Privacy Sandbox Protected Audience API. These updates are essential for enabling seamless advertising transactions within the Privacy Sandbox's browser-based real-time bidding environment.

Key Changes

  • igs Attribute: A new igs attribute (InterestGroupAuctionSupport) in the Imp object signals the availability of a Protected Audience Auction for a specific impression.
  • igi Attribute: The new igi attribute (InterestGroupAuctionIntent) in the BidResponse object allows buyers to indicate their interest in participating in a Protected Audience Auction.

Collaboration and Next Steps

These updates are the result of work by the Privacy Sandbox in OpenRTB subgroup within the IAB Tech Lab. The group says it will continue to refine how OpenRTB is used within the Protected Audience Auction, focusing on metadata communication and bid/creative handling.

The IAB Tech Lab underscores that OpenRTB is evolving to support the unique requirements of the Privacy Sandbox. While the protocol remains broadly applicable, some attributes will be context-specific, as is the case with the new igs and igi attributes.

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