OpenX unveils Cookieless Deal Library, simplifying ad targeting in a post-cookie world

OpenX unveils Cookieless Deal Library, simplifying ad targeting in a post-cookie world

OpenX, a omnichannel supply-side platform (SSP), announced this week the launch of its Cookieless Deal Library, a solution designed to help advertisers navigate the evolving programmatic landscape without relying on third-party cookies.

As the industry prepares for the deprecation of cookies, marketers face concerns about losing valuable targeting signals. OpenX's Cookieless Deal Library addresses this challenge by offering:

  • Easy access to diverse cookieless solutions: Over 1,000 pre-built deal IDs encompassing various cookieless tactics like contextual, attention, ID-free audiences, CTV, and Privacy Sandbox Topics.
  • Seamless integration with existing workflows: Works across all demand-side platforms (DSPs), allowing advertisers to test and compare different solutions without changing their workflows.
  • Future-proofed targeting: Includes access to Google Privacy Sandbox Topics segments, even for DSPs that haven't adopted this technology yet.

“OpenX’s status as a leader in innovation, our direct premium publisher integrations, and our attention to customer feedback makes it easy for buyers to test, learn, and act. With the Cookieless Deal Library, buyers can log in today, select from the universe of cookieless deal IDs, and start testing solutions now,” said Matt Sattel, SVP, Buyer Development at OpenX. “Platforms that are overly reliant on indirect traffic and/or that lack dynamic technology infrastructures will be at a significant disadvantage in a world without cookies. We’re all going to need to test, learn, and pivot quickly in this new landscape.”

Key features of the Cookieless Deal Library include:

  • Partnerships with leading data providers: Integrates solutions from Digiseg, ID5, LiveRamp, Adelaide, Oracle Moat, TVision, 4D, Audigent, Captify, Cross Pixel, Silverpush, SQREEM Technologies, Dstillery, Samba TV, and Chrome.
  • Enhanced performance in cookie-less environments: Proven success with ConteX, OpenX's contextual marketplace, delivering a 300% increase in ad delivery in non-cookied environments.

This new DSP-agnostic solution will allow buyers to easily access more than 1,000 pre-built deal IDs from a full range of cookieless tactics, which will include:

  • Alternative Identifier Deals powered by: Digiseg, ID5, and LiveRamp’s RampID
  • Attention Deals powered by: Adelaide, Oracle Moat, and TVision
  • Contextual Deals powered by: 4D, Audigent’s Contextual PMPs, Captify, Cross Pixel, Oracle Contextual Intelligence, Silverpush, and SQREEM Technologies
  • ID-Free Audience Deals powered by: Dstillery ID-free®
  • CTV Deals powered by: Samba TV
  • Privacy Sandbox Topics Deals powered by: Chrome
  • Publisher First-Party Data Deals powered by: Audigent’s Smart PMPs

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