Opera and GeoEdge renew partnership to enhance Ad Quality and User Safety

This partnership focuses on improving ad quality, user safety, and overall transparency within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Opera Ads
Opera Ads

Opera, a global web browser developer known for its Opera Ads advertising platform, announced a renewed collaboration with GeoEdge, a leader in ad security solutions. This partnership focuses on improving ad quality, user safety, and overall transparency within the digital advertising ecosystem.

Opera prioritizes user experience by delivering quality advertising through rigorous verification processes. These processes are designed to identify and prevent "malvertising" - malicious advertisements that can harm users or compromise their devices. By integrating GeoEdge's ad security technology, Opera Ads strengthens its ability to filter out ads that violate the company's quality and security standards.

The renewed partnership between Opera Ads and GeoEdge centers on three key areas:

Creative Filtering: Ensuring all ads displayed on Opera platforms meet strict quality and security criteria established by Opera.

Enhanced Security Features: Leveraging GeoEdge's solutions to prevent malvertising and foster a safer advertising environment for users.

Collaborative Impact: Combining resources and expertise to eliminate low-quality and malicious ads, ultimately improving the digital advertising experience for all stakeholders.

Benefits of the Partnership

Representatives from both companies expressed enthusiasm about the renewed partnership. Marcio de Barros, VP of Ad Tech at Opera, highlighted the importance of collaborating with industry leaders like GeoEdge to combat malicious advertising and create a secure advertising ecosystem. Tobias Silber, CBO at GeoEdge, emphasized the significance of secure advertising for online user safety. He views the partnership as a way to protect users from malicious ads and ensure a secure advertising supply chain.

The collaboration between Opera and GeoEdge is a positive development for the digital advertising industry. By prioritizing ad quality and user safety, this partnership sets a higher standard for other companies within the advertising ecosystem.

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