Panasonic is creating startups with the technologies that are not fully utilized

This week, Panasonic announced the creation of a joint venture with Scrum Ventures, a San Francisco based early-stage venture capital firm. According to Panasonic, BeeEdge is the joint venture and will “identify technologies within Panasonic that are not fully utilized and create independent startups to commercially develop them.”

Panasonic is aiming to enable a new generation of products, recycling technologies not used anymore in house. BeeEdge will act as an accelerator with Panasonic and Scrum bringing their experience collaborating with and supporting entrepreneurs.

“We know how to identify and support startups that are working on ground-breaking new technologies. We are very hands-on with founders and make sure they have what they need to succeed. Sharing our expertise with Panasonic is a great opportunity to bring Panasonic’s underutilized innovations to market,” said Tak Miyata, Founding Partner of Scrum Ventures.

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