Perion integrates Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services

Perion today announced that it has integrated its Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services (APS).

Vidazoo video monetization platform
Vidazoo video monetization platform

Perion today announced that it has integrated its Vidazoo video monetization platform with Amazon Publisher Services (APS). This integration will enable Vidazoo to leverage APS's unified ad auction to remove friction for publishers, provide demand through a server-to-server marketplace, reduce page load latency, and improve user experience.

The integration includes two prominent APS services:

  • Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM): Vidazoo can now attract more publishers to its video monetization platform by forming direct integrations with publishers using a single server-to-server call.
  • Unified Ad Marketplace (UAM): Vidazoo can now connect multiple publishers to its video platform through a unified service, a single integration, and a reporting dashboard.

By leveraging APS's scalable and efficient cloud infrastructure, both Vidazoo and APS will be able to offer publishers complete transparency, control, and brand safety. This integration will also help Vidazoo tap into a significant volume of premium demand from leading advertisers.

Vidazoo is a video monetization platform that helps publishers maximize their revenue from video advertising. It provides a variety of features, including:

  • Video ad serving: Vidazoo allows publishers to serve video ads from a variety of sources, including direct deals, programmatic networks, and their own advertiser network.
  • Video ad optimization: Vidazoo uses machine learning to optimize video ads for performance, ensuring that publishers are getting the most out of their ad inventory.
  • Video ad reporting: Vidazoo provides publishers with detailed reporting on their video ad performance, so they can track their progress and make informed decisions about their advertising strategies.

In addition to its video ad monetization features, Vidazoo also offers a number of other features that can help publishers improve their website or mobile app, such as:

  • Video player: Vidazoo provides a high-quality video player that can be customized to match the look and feel of any website or mobile app.
  • Video discovery: Vidazoo's video discovery platform can help publishers surface relevant videos to their users, increasing engagement and viewability.
  • Video analytics: Vidazoo provides detailed analytics on video views, engagement, and user demographics, so publishers can understand how their videos are performing and make improvements.

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