Pinterest launches a Verified Merchant Program

Pinterest launches a Verified Merchant Program
Pinterest Verified Merchant Program 

Pinterest today announced a new Verified Merchant Program. According to Pinterest, Verified Merchants have a blue checkmark on their profiles, and become eligible for increased distribution within high-intent shopping experiences and metrics like conversion reporting. Retailers interested in signing up can do it here.

Pinterest Verified Merchants have access to:

Conversion Insights: organic and paid conversion insights measuring Pinterest’s impact on on-site visits, checkouts, and sales over multiple attribution windows.

Catalogs updates: Pinterest says it made significant updates to Catalogs that lessen the time from feed ingestion to Product Pin creation, plus added new metrics, near real-time feed ingestion, user experience enhancements, and feed ingestion scheduling.

Dynamic retargeting: Advertisers in global markets can reach Pinners who have previously engaged with their brand online or who have unpurchased items in their cart by retargeting exact or similar products they search and save on Pinterest. Pinterest says is adding more optimization levers to give advertisers more control.

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