Pinterest opens an office in Sydney

Pinterest opens an office in Sydney

Pinterest is opening an office Sydney, the company announced yesterday. The Australian office will serve Pinners, creators and businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

According to Pinterest, Pinners in the two countries save nearly 4 million ideas to Pinterest each day.

Pinterest’s Australian office is led by newly appointed Country Manager Carin Lee-Skelton, who has managed sales organizations at Pinterest over the past four years in the UK.

Australian office is Pinterest’s third office in the Asia-Pacific region after opening our Singapore office in July 2019 to service Southeast Asia and India. The Tokyo office servicing Japan opened in 2013.

Pinterest says that APAC is one of the fastest-growing regions, with millions of people using the platform each month—a number that has increased by over 50% the past year (June 2018 to June 2019).

Pinterest has 300 million active users, and 215 million are outside the US. ARPU in the US is $2.80, while outside the US is $0.11.

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