Pinterest unveils AI-Powered Ad Tools and Brand Safety updates

Pinterest this month announced advancements in its advertising platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and brand safety.

New Pinterest Ad Tool
New Pinterest Ad Tool

Pinterest this month announced advancements in its advertising platform focused on artificial intelligence (AI) and brand safety.

Personalized Background Generation

Pinterest is piloting a new feature in the US that leverages AI to personalize product backgrounds in "Product Pins." This feature analyzes user data and taste preferences to generate backgrounds that align with the user's aesthetic interests. For instance, a user interested in "Japandi" home decor might see a chair displayed against a minimalist backdrop.

Collages for Advertisers

Pinterest is testing a new advertising format that utilizes "collages," a user-generated content feature that allows users to curate and share visuals. Advertisers can leverage collages to showcase products and drive sales. Early results indicate positive performance for this format, with Wayfair reporting a 28% improvement in cost-per-click (CPC) and a 5.4x increase in engagement compared to traditional retail ad formats.

Driving Campaign Performance with Pinterest Performance+

Pinterest Performance+, currently in closed beta, utilizes AI and automation to streamline campaign creation and potentially improve performance. Early tests indicate a 10% improvement in cost-per-acquisition (CPA) for conversion and catalog sales campaigns, alongside a 10% improvement in CPC for consideration campaigns. Additionally, Performance+ tools aim to reduce campaign setup time by 50%.

Expanding Brand Safety Efforts

Integration with IAS and DV: Pinterest is collaborating with Integral Ad Science (IAS) and DoubleVerify (DV) to provide brand safety measurement for advertisers. These partnerships leverage AI-powered tools to analyze ad placements and ensure brand alignment with campaign goals. Initial testing suggests that over 99% of measured ad impressions fall within brand safety parameters according to IAS and DV.

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