Pixalate Report: 869 Connected TV Apps Delisted in Q4 2023

Pixalate Report: 869 Connected TV Apps Delisted in Q4 2023

Pixalate released its Q4 2023 Delisted CTV Apps Report this month. The report highlights a concerning trend: 869 connected TV (CTV) apps were removed from popular app stores in Q4 2023, including top apps like FOX NOW: Watch TV & Sports and Newsmax for TV.

Key Findings from the Report:

  • Apple TV Dominates Delisted Apps: A staggering 841 apps disappeared from the Apple TV App Store alone, a significant proportion of the total delistings.
  • Advertising on Delisted Apps: 17% (147 apps) of the delisted apps were still actively running ads, generating revenue despite being removed.
  • Cross Media Corporation Hit Hard: 167 apps from this developer were delisted from Apple TV.
  • Amazon Fire TV Also Affected: While fewer in number, 27 apps were delisted from Amazon Fire TV.
  • Samsung Smart TV Unaffected: No app delistings were reported from Samsung Smart TV in Q4.

Potential Risks to Users

Pixalate notes that even after apps are delisted, they might still exist on users' devices. This highlights privacy concerns, as these apps could continue to gather personal data. Additionally, ongoing ad revenue for delisted apps could incentivize the perpetuation of privacy risks.

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