Pixalate research sees 800,000 delisted apps in H1 2020

Pixalate research sees 800,000 delisted apps in H1 2020
800,000 delisted apps in H1 2020

Pixalate yesterday revealed that over 800,000 apps were delisted across the Google Play and Apple App stores in H1 2020. Over 500,000 apps were delisted in Android and over 300,000 were delisted in iOS apps.

In iOS, 88% of delisted apps had no address or an unidentifiable address (iOS).

Delisted apps are apps that were not listed anymore in the Google Play Store or in the Apple App Store, as of the last day of the quarter.

According to Pixalate research, delisted iOS apps had more than 28 million user ratings prior to delisting, and delisted Android apps had more than 14 billion downloads prior to delisting.

Two-thirds (66%) of delisted Android apps had at least one dangerous permission (23% had access to precise location, 17% had access to camera, and 8% could record audio).

Several top iOS apps prior to delisting appear to be from China, but had no address listed.

Nearly 3,000 Android apps had over 1 million downloads before delisting, and over 200 of those apps had more than 10 million downloads.

On iOS, over 500 of the delisted apps had over 10,000 user ratings prior to delisting. Nearly 100 of the apps had over 50,000 ratings (user ratings used as a proxy of popularity).

The 10 apps delisted in Android

The 10 apps delisted in iOS

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