PPC Tracker

How to do the PPC tracking? PPC Tracker is the way you can evaluate the performance of the pay per click campaign.

There are many solutions to track the clicks, via click trackers. You can use:

Affiliation Software

With the Affiliation Software, you can create offers and partners, and track the clicks of your campaigns/partners. Normally these solutions offer an API that you will be able to connect with your data warehouse.

Adserver Solutions

Adserver solutions are an upgrade of the affiliation tracking. In an AdServer you can not only tracking the links but also tracking the impressions and do an ad verification. Normally external partners will not like this, but if you have specific brand safety concerns, this is the best option for you. This solution has a higher price normally.

Mobile Measurement Partners

If you want to track links and performance to a mobile app you will be able to use some AdServer solutions, but a very few, being the MMP solutions more recommended. With Mobile Measurement Partners you will be able to track links and deeplinks, and also the associated events (purchases, usage, install, conversions) on the app, and the consequent association of the user lifetime value with the cost per install/cost per click.

Analytics Solutions

The simple and easier solution on the web is to use a UTM tracker to track the sources of traffic. With this, you can just go into your Analytics and see the source of the traffic there and the full numbers.