Prime Video Unveils New Content Slate for 2024

Amazon's Prime Video is gearing up for a thrilling year of entertainment in 2024, with a diverse lineup of new series, new seasons, and new movies set to captivate audiences worldwide.

Prime Video
Prime Video

Amazon's Prime Video is gearing up for a thrilling year of entertainment in 2024, with a diverse lineup of new series, new seasons, and new movies set to captivate audiences worldwide.


Dive into the iconic world of Fallout, the critically acclaimed video game franchise, as Prime Video brings this post-apocalyptic universe to life. Set in the aftermath of a nuclear war, Fallout will follow the journeys of survivors as they navigate a dangerous and irradiated wasteland, battling mutated creatures and struggling to rebuild civilization.


Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled ride with Upgraded, a sci-fi thriller starring Logan Marshall-Green. After a devastating attack leaves him paralyzed, Grey Trace receives a revolutionary cybernetic exoskeleton that grants him superhuman abilities. However, this newfound power comes with a dark secret, and Grey must fight to control his augmented body and uncover the truth behind his attack.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Get ready for a fresh take on the iconic action-comedy Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This reimagining will follow a married couple who are both assassins, unaware of their partner's secret profession. As their hidden identities are revealed, they must confront their deadly professions and the complicated web of lies they've built.


Experience a poignant story of family and forgiveness in Musica. Starring Melissa Leo and Marisa Tomei, the film follows a woman who is forced to confront her past when her estranged daughter unexpectedly returns home. As they attempt to rebuild their relationship, they must grapple with the lingering pain of their past and rediscover the bonds of love and family.

Outer Range

Delve into the eerie world of Outer Range, a critically acclaimed neo-western thriller. A rancher discovers a mysterious void on his property, a discovery that leads him down a path of danger and intrigue. As he tries to uncover the secrets of the void, he finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and conspiracies that threaten to unravel his life.


Embark on a thought-provoking journey with Foe, a sci-fi thriller that examines the blurring lines between humanity and technology. Saoirse Ronan and Paul Mescal star in this captivating tale of two couples whose lives become intertwined with a powerful new invention. As they confront their deepest fears, they must question the nature of consciousness and the impact of technology on the human experience.

Ricky Stanicky

Prepare for laughs and suspense with Ricky Stanicky, a darkly comedic buddy cop film starring Mark Duplass and Will Ferrell. A small-town police officer teams up with a disgraced former detective to solve a high-profile murder case. Their unconventional partnership leads to hilarious clashes and unexpected twists as they navigate the treacherous world of crime.


Prepare to be gripped by Them, a chilling horror anthology series that explores the terrifying realities of racism and prejudice. Each season delves into the experiences of Black families as they navigate hostile environments and face the insidious forces of discrimination.

Role Play

Embrace the thrill of romantic suspense in Role Play, starring Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck. A couple decides to spice up their relationship by pretending to be different people on vacation. However, their game takes an unexpected turn when their identities become blurred, and they find themselves falling for each other for real.


Join Mark Grayson, the son of the world's most powerful superhero, as he embarks on his own journey to become a hero in his own right. Invincible is an action-packed animated series that explores themes of identity, responsibility, and the challenges of balancing one's personal life with extraordinary abilities.

The Boys

The highly anticipated fourth season of The Boys, the critically acclaimed superhero satire series, is set to premiere on Prime Video in early 2024. Fans can expect more of the same dark humor, graphic violence, and sharp social commentary that has made the series a hit. The new season will see Billy Butcher and the Boys facing off against a new threat, Vought International's newest superhero, Soldier Boy.

Road House

A cult classic action film from the 1980s, Road House is getting a reboot on Prime Video. Dalton, a bouncer who comes to work at a raucous bar in Jasper, Missouri, must clean up the bar and protect its patrons from corruption. He soon finds himself caught in a deadly game of power and violence.

This Is Me Now

This Is Me Now: The Film is a biographical drama film based on the true story of Sharon Osbourne, one of the most successful television executives in Hollywood. The film follows Sharon's journey from her humble beginnings to her rise to fame, highlighting her resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

The Underdoggs

The Underdoggs is a family-friendly sports comedy film about a group of misfit athletes who come together to form a ragtag baseball team. As they struggle to win games and gain respect, they learn the importance of teamwork, friendship, and never giving up on their dreams.


Expats is a new series about a group of American expats in London. The series explores themes of culture clash, identity, and the challenges of living in a foreign country. The cast includes Natasha McElhone, Jack Davenport, and Sheila Hancock.

The Idea of You

The Idea of You is a romantic comedy about a woman who meets a charming Englishman on holiday in Greece. As they spend time together, Lucy begins to question her relationship with her long-term boyfriend.

Reina Roja

Reina Roja is a Spanish-language action series about a group of women who take up arms to fight for justice. The series is based on the popular comic book series of the same name.

Hazbin Hotel

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated comedy series about a group of demons who try to open a hotel for sinners. The series is created by Vivienne Medrano and is known for its dark humor, catchy songs, and creative animation.

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