PubMatic partners with Experian to offer Household-Level Commerce Data for ad targeting

PubMatic, an SSP, and Experian, a global information services company, today announced a partnership to offer household-level commerce data for ad targeting in the US and UK. This is the first time that Experian's commerce data has been available at the household level in the UK in the programmatic ecosystem.

The partnership will give PubMatic's clients access to Experian's commerce data, which includes information on consumer demographics, spending models, property data, and automotive audiences. This data will be combined with Experian's Mosaic® segments to offer advertisers a comprehensive view of their target audiences.

Advertisers can use this data to refine their marketing strategies, implement more precise targeting, and deliver personalized messaging to specific audiences. For example, an advertiser selling new cars could use the data to target households that have recently purchased a home or shown interest in automotive research.

“By integrating Experian's robust commerce data into our platform, we give our customers an unprecedented competitive edge by empowering them with a deeper understanding of their target audiences as well as market-leading targeting capabilities, while remaining privacy-centric,” said Peter Barry, VP, Addressability & Commerce Media at PubMatic. “We are looking forward to working with brands and agencies and helping them to make the most of this exciting new collaboration and a first for the industry.”

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