PubMatic partners with Instacart to enhance CTV advertising with Retail Data

PubMatic partners with Instacart to enhance CTV advertising with Retail Data

PubMatic today announced a partnership with Instacart to integrate Instacart's first-party retail data into PubMatic's programmatic advertising solution, Convert.

According to PubMatic, the integration will let advertisers better target purchase-minded audiences watching connected TV (CTV) and premium video content.

Mars is among the first brands leveraging this partnership, using Instacart's data with PubMatic's deal ID functionality to improve ROI on their CTV campaigns.

Key Benefits for Advertisers:

  • Enhanced Targeting: Instacart's shopper data provides valuable insights into consumer purchase behavior, allowing more precise audience targeting.
  • Closed-Loop Measurement: Advertisers can directly track the impact of their CTV campaigns on Instacart sales, measuring return on ad spend (ROAS).
  • Multi-Channel Reach: Instacart's data helps reach consumers both on its platform and across CTV and premium video environments.

“Advertisers today are grappling with signal loss and looking for new ways to effectively target and measure their campaigns,” said Tim Castelli, Vice President of Global Advertising Sales at Instacart. “Brands realize that Instacart’s retail media data is a valuable, performant solution. CPGs can reach consumers directly at the point of purchase with Instacart Ads on our platform with trusted closed-loop measurement, in addition to leveraging our rich, first-party retail media data off-platform to power and enhance all of their other ad buys, like CTV and premium video.”

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