IAS launches Quality Attention in partnership with Lumen

IAS launches Quality Attention in partnership with Lumen
Quality Attention

Integral Ad Science (IAS) yesterday unveiled its Quality Attention™ measurement, a new product integrating media quality, eye-tracking data with machine learning to provide advertisers with actionable insights into how effectively their ads are capturing consumer attention.

Traditionally, attention measurement in digital advertising has relied on viewability, which assesses whether an ad is visible on a screen for a specified duration. However, viewability alone is an insufficient metric, as it fails to capture the intricacies of how consumers engage with ads. Quality Attention™ goes beyond viewability by analyzing a comprehensive set of data points, including:

  • Viewability: Ensures ads are visible to intended viewers.
  • Ad Environment: Assesses the context in which ads are placed.
  • User Interaction: Measures how viewers interact with ads.
  • Lumen Research Eye-Tracking Data: Leverages advanced eye-tracking technology to directly measure where viewers focus their attention.

By combining these data sources, Quality Attention™ generates a single attention score for each ad impression, providing advertisers with a holistic understanding of how effectively their ads are resonating with consumers.

The significance of Quality Attention™ lies in its ability to drive measurable business outcomes. IAS studies have shown that brands that prioritize capturing higher attention scores through Quality Attention™ can achieve significant improvements in:

  • Conversion Rates: Up to 130% lift in conversion rates when compared to low-attention impressions.
  • Brand Consideration: 91% higher brand consideration for ads that attract higher attention.
  • Purchase Intent: 166% higher purchase intent for ads that captivate viewers' attention.

IAS's development of Quality Attention™ has been enhanced through a collaboration with Lumen Research, a provider of eye-tracking technology. Lumen's expertise in eye tracking provides IAS with the ability to incorporate direct measures of attention into its attention model, ensuring the most accurate and valuable insights for advertisers.

Global healthcare company Sanofi is among the early adopters of Quality Attention™, recognizing the potential of this revolutionary tool to optimize its digital advertising strategies. Sanofi is using Quality Attention™ to gain deeper insights into how attention plays a role in reducing ad fatigue, improving media KPIs, and ultimately enhancing brand perception.

Attention Measurement in Advertising: Revolutionizing the Way Brands Measure Their Impact

In today's dynamic digital advertising landscape, brands are constantly seeking ways to optimize their campaigns and maximize their return on investment (ROI). Traditional metrics like viewability have long been used to assess the effectiveness of ads, but they fail to capture the true essence of engagement – attention. In response to this need, attention measurement has emerged as a powerful tool to provide advertisers with a more comprehensive understanding of how consumers interact with their ads.

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