Quora has now CPM bidding in addition to CPC and CPA

Quora yesterday launched CPM bidding on Quora Ads platform. With CPM bidding, advertisers can now pay for impressions. Nikki Dahan, Product Designer at Quora says that CPM bid represents how much you are willing to pay to get 1000 ad impressions on Quora.

Besides CPM (bid per 1000 impressions, charge by 1000 impressions), Quora also offers CPC (bid per click, charge by click) and conversion optimized ad delivery to a target CPA bid (bid per conversion, charge by impression).

Quora says CPM bidding can be useful to advertisers who want to build brand awareness. Advertisers might consider using CPM bidding for broad branding campaigns, such as trying to drive awareness of a new product or service, upcoming webinars, or conferences

For performance-based advertisers, Quora recommends testing CPM bidding in addition to cost per click (CPC) and Conversion Optimized Campaigns that were already available Quora.

Quora Ads are available with no minimum spend but for advertisers with a daily spend of $100/day, Quora provides hands-on help from the account management team.