Quora launches a new ad format: Promoted Answers

Quora Promoted Answers

Advertisers can now promote answers on Quora via Quora Ads. This week Quora announced the launch of Promoted Answers, a new ad format that allows anyone with a Quora Ads account to extend the reach of their answers on Quora.

Promoted Answers have the same targeting options that are available for other ad formats on Quora. When a user clicks on the Promoted Answer ad unit, they can read the full answer.

Quora says that many businesses are already acquiring customers organically through their answers on Quora, and with Promoted Answers they can reach a wider audience.

How to promote an answer?

  • Have a Quora Ads account;
  • Identify an answer you would like to promote;
  • Login to your Ads Manager and create a campaign;
  • Select your targeting;
  • Choose the ad creative;
  • Click the “Promote an Answer;”
  • Adjust the business name;
  • Include a link to the answer.