Roku and iSpot partner to enhance streaming TV Measurement

Roku and iSpot partner to enhance streaming TV Measurement
Roku and iSpot partnership

Roku and last month announced a new partnership. The collaboration aims to address challenges associated with measurement fragmentation in the CTV landscape and empower marketers with more precise data.

This first-of-its-kind partnership is multifaceted. Here's a breakdown of the key aspects:

  • iSpot as Preferred Measurement Partner: Roku will designate iSpot as a preferred third-party measurement partner. This grants advertisers using Roku's platform access to iSpot's measurement solutions, enabling them to track metrics like reach, frequency, ad exposure verification, and campaign outcomes.
  • Deeper Data Sharing: The partnership facilitates a two-way data exchange. Roku will share its exclusive, authenticated audience information with iSpot. This will strengthen iSpot's ability to connect audiences across traditional linear TV and Roku streaming viewership, offering more holistic campaign insights.
  • Integration of Roku's Advertising Watermark: iSpot will integrate Roku's Advertising Watermark technology. This helps verify the authenticity of video ad inventory originating on the Roku platform, ensuring advertisers are reaching their target audiences and combating potential ad fraud.
  • Measurement for Advanced Ad Formats: The partnership extends to measuring advanced ad formats offered by Roku, such as Roku City brand integrations and Roku Marquee ads, which go beyond traditional video ads.

Benefits for the CTV Ecosystem

This collaboration offers several advantages for various stakeholders within the CTV advertising space:

  • Improved Measurement Accuracy: By combining Roku's audience data with iSpot's measurement capabilities, advertisers can gain more accurate insights into campaign performance on the Roku platform. This allows for better campaign optimization and budget allocation.
  • Standardized Measurement: The partnership contributes to the development of a more standardized approach to CTV measurement. This consistency benefits the entire ecosystem, including agencies, brands, and media sellers, by facilitating easier data comparison across different platforms.
  • Transparency and Trust: The integration of Roku's Advertising Watermark enhances transparency and combats potential issues with ad fraud. This fosters trust within the CTV advertising landscape.

Industry Reactions

Industry leaders have expressed optimism about the partnership's potential. Louqman Parampath, VP of Product Management at Roku, emphasizes the importance of solving measurement fragmentation and believes this collaboration will benefit the entire ecosystem.

Mike Fisher, Executive Director of Investment Innovation at GroupM, a media investment management group, highlights the value proposition for advertisers. He anticipates that the combined strengths of Roku's audience reach and iSpot's measurement capabilities will empower brands to make more informed advertising decisions.

The Roku-iSpot partnership signifies a significant step towards more robust and standardized measurement in the CTV advertising space. As Roku audience data gets integrated across iSpot's measurement products, various stakeholders can expect to benefit from more precise, CTV-centric data, enabling them to capitalize on the growing opportunities within this dynamic market.

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