Salesforce launches a hybrid CMS after investing in

Salesforce this week launched a Content Management System (CMS). In Salesforce CMS, uses can create, manage, and deliver content. Salesforce says that their CMS is hybrid as companies can create and deliver content to any channel or device.

According to Salesforce, the hybrid CMS gives companies the flexibility to present content to any touchpoint built on third-party systems like smart devices, wearables, and custom apps, or personalized experiences in portals. Salesforce says this saves time by taking advantage of built-in experience templates and presentation tools.

Salesforce CMS includes 2 (WYSIWYG) tools: The Experience Builder and the Commerce Page Designer. The Experience Builder enables companies to create websites and apps. The Commerce Page Designer enables companies to create and manage content pages. Salesforce says the tools are developer-friendly, which means the design and development teams can build with code.

In September this year, parent Automattic raised $300 million from Salesforce at a $3 billion valuation. WordPress CMS is used by 61.6% of all the websites whose content management system is known, according to W3techs. The same data shows that WordPress is powering over 30% of all websites in the world.

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