Sharethrough introduces dynamic video captions in video ads

Sharethrough introduces dynamic video captions in video ads

Sharethrough yesterday announced that is introducing dynamic video captions for video ads. Sharethrough says dynamic video captions for video ads will elevate user experience, optimize ad recall and increase ad engagement.

Sharethrough is the first ad exchange to offer a the translation feature on the open web, as the ability to add auto-generated captions is becoming the new normal on social media.

According to Sharethrough, 75% of mobile users keep their phone muted while a video plays, but standard video lacks context required to drive return on ad spend when users are watching on mute.

Advertisers can activate Dynamic Video Captions through any DSP using a Sharethrough Deal ID or by targeting Sharethrough on the Open Exchange. All captions are human verified and there are no custom builds or approvals required.

“We’ve conducted extensive research in the development of Dynamic Video Captions, and the results were undeniable. We found that comprehension rates increased by 56% when video ads were supplemented with captions,” said Sharethrough President, Dan Greenberg. “Particularly as consumers emerge from their homes and begin commuting again to work or watching videos in sound-off environments, marketers need video formats that allow for reading while watching. Dynamic Video Captions does just that.”

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