Shopify launches Commerce Components for enterprise retailers

Shopify launches Commerce Components for enterprise retailers
Shopify Commerce Components

Shopify yesterday announced the launch of Commerce Components, custom components of Shopify that enterprise retailers can integrate with their own systems. According to Shopify, Mattel will bring its entire portfolio of brands to Shopify using Commerce Components.

Shopify it is opening their infrastructure and tools to power the biggest retailers with Commerce Components by Shopify (CCS). Commerce Components by Shopify provides access to components like Shopify’s checkout, plus flexible APIs to build customer experiences that integrate with a retailer’s preferred back office services.

“We’ve always approached innovation at Shopify by anticipating what retailers need, then providing those solutions,” said Harley Finkelstein, President of Shopify. “Commerce Components by Shopify opens our infrastructure so enterprise retailers don’t have to waste time, engineering power, and money building critical foundations Shopify has already perfected, and instead frees them up to customize, differentiate, and scale.”

Existing enterprise retailers on Shopify include Glossier, JB Hi-Fi, Coty, Steve Madden, Spanx, and Staples.

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