SIM Partners Integrates Location Pages With Uber

Location marketing technology leader SIM Partners today announced it has integrated the Uber API with its award-winning Velocity platform. As a result, multi-location businesses ranging from restaurants and retailers to banks and hospitals benefit from a convenient way to convert “near me” searches into next moments on demand with Uber.

Through the integration, SIM Partners’ Velocity clients will be able to add “Ride there with Uber” buttons to their mobile-optimized location pages. The integration creates a seamless online-to-offline experience for consumers, as well as an opportunity for businesses to close the last mile by delivering customers to their door.

Uber currently services over 400 cities and in July 2016 completed 62 million trips — a 15 percent increase over the previous month. This growth validates the rise of the on-demand economy that Uber helped create.

“The rise of mobile has created an on-demand economy, as consumers expect to find and get what they want immediately during mobile ‘near me’ moments of discovery,” said Jon Schepke, CEO, SIM Partners. “Velocity’s Uber integration accelerates the customer journey, to connect and convert in the last mile of marketing by literally delivering customers to your door.”

According to Google, 76 percent of people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visit a business within 24 hours, and 28 percent of those searches result in a purchase. With Velocity, multi-location enterprise brands can harness the power of their location data to drive these online-to-offline moments.

Velocity’s location data management increases visibility in these moments of local search, and contextual publishing creates next moments of conversion with relevant content and experiences, such as the “Ride there with Uber” button. Whether a patient is booking an appointment with a physician or a shopper needs a ride to a store, the Uber button makes the next moment of conversion happen faster and easier.

This news comes on the heels of recent industry recognition for SIM Partners’ Velocity platform, which was named the “Best Location Marketing Platform” in the Digiday Signal Awards and a “Mobile Search” finalist in the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Smarties Awards.