Similarweb expands Digital Marketing Intelligence with Admetricks acquisition

Similarweb expands Digital Marketing Intelligence with Admetricks acquisition

Similarweb (NYSE: SMWB) this month acquired Admetricks, a prominent ad intelligence software provider. The acquisition bolsters Similarweb's position as a comprehensive advertising intelligence solution, giving businesses critical insights into online advertising strategies.

Founded in Chile, Admetricks is renowned for its robust tools that help brands optimize their advertising campaigns across various platforms. Their software suite includes Admetricks Ad Intelligence, which uncovers competitor ad spending and results, and Admetricks Media Planner, which facilitates effective media planning and budgeting.

Key Impacts of the Acquisition:

  • Enhanced Display Advertising Insights: Admetricks' expertise complements Similarweb's existing strengths, delivering in-depth display advertising analysis to its users.
  • Global Expansion: Similarweb will leverage Admetricks' capabilities worldwide, including its established client base in Latin America.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Solutions: Admetricks' analytics will be integrated into Similarweb's broader digital data offerings, providing a 360-degree view of digital brand performance.

Or Offer, CEO of Similarweb: “Admetricks’ excellence in display advertising intelligence fits naturally with Similarweb’s strengths...We look forward to taking Admetricks’ capabilities global."

Felipe del Sol, CEO of Admetricks: “We are proud of what we have accomplished in the past decade...Together we will be able to offer a more comprehensive solution for marketing and advertising across channels.”

Admetricks will retain its brand as "Admetricks, a Similarweb company." The acquisition underscores Similarweb's commitment to providing cutting-edge digital marketing solutions. With the combined power of Similarweb and Admetricks, businesses can expect even greater insights to refine their media strategies and maximize advertising ROI.

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