Skype introduces Fun AR Lenses powered by Snap

This integration leverages Snap's popular Camera Kit SDK, the same technology that powers AR experiences in Microsoft Teams, SwiftKey, and Flip.

Fun AR Lenses
Fun AR Lenses

Snap yesterday announced a new integration with Microsoft that brings augmented reality (AR) Lenses to Skype. This integration leverages Snap's popular Camera Kit SDK, the same technology that powers AR experiences in Microsoft Teams, SwiftKey, and Flip.

Why it Matters: The addition of AR Lenses injects a dose of fun and personalization into Skype video calls and messages. This could potentially increase user engagement, particularly among younger demographics familiar with Snapchat's Lens features.

Understanding AR Lenses: AR Lenses are digital overlays that can be applied to a live camera feed, adding virtual objects, filters, and effects.

Impact on Skype Users: With dozens of Lenses available at launch, Skype users can add a touch of whimsy to their interactions. The announcement mentions options like a glitter beard, disco glasses, and raining hearts, suggesting a range of playful and lighthearted effects. The ability to personalize video calls and messages could make them more engaging and memorable.

Future of Skype Lenses: Microsoft plans to expand the Lens library in the coming months, catering to holidays and trending topics. This ongoing content pipeline suggests a commitment to keeping the AR experience fresh and relevant for Skype users.

Using Lenses in Skype: The Lenses feature is currently available on the mobile app (Android and iOS). Here's a quick guide on how to use them:

  1. Open the Skype mobile app and select a contact or existing conversation.
  2. Tap the camera icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  3. Next to the capture button, locate the smiling face icon and tap it to explore the available Lenses.
  4. Choose the desired Lens and capture a photo or video using the on-screen button.
  5. Once captured, simply tap the send icon to share your Lens-enhanced message with your contact.

The introduction of AR Lenses powered by Snap signifies a step towards a more interactive and engaging experience for Skype users. Whether this translates to a significant boost in user engagement remains to be seen, but the playful and personalized nature of Lenses offers an interesting twist on traditional video calls and messaging.

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