Smaato releases a new SDK for in-app including Open Measurement and Header Bidding

Smaato this month released a new software development kit (SDK) for Android and iOS. Smaato is a global in-app advertising platform based in Germany that with the new SDK is now supporting Open Measurement and an in-app header bidding.

According to Smaato, the SDK offers support for banners, interstitials, rich media, interstitial video, and rewarded video, and an upcoming release will add support native, vertical video, and playable rewarded ads.

“Our development teams have been hard at work to bring publishers a truly next-generation SDK and we’re excited to finally open this product up to mobile publishers around the world,” said Arndt Groth, CEO at Smaato. “We believe the NextGen SDK will drive increased publisher earnings while attracting additional premium advertisers to the Smaato platform.”

In-app header bidding

In the new SDK version, Smaato says that has added a true in-app header bidding solution. Smaato’s Unified Bidding has a holistic in-app header bidding solution that uses real-time pricing competition to provide publishers with maximum competition and better control over their inventory.

“The Smaato NextGen SDK is feature-heavy while offering publishers the flexibility they need based on their own unique setups. We developed it with fraud protection, viewability, and other state-of-the-art features built-in, but we didn’t stop there,” said Freddy Friedman, Chief Product Officer at Smaato. “We’re also offering the industry’s first true in-app header bidding solution in Smaato’s Unified Bidding.”

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