Smart acquires DSP LiquidM

Smart today announced the acquisition of the LiquidM DSP. Smart until now worked on the supply side only, but with this acquisition it will move also towards the buy side as well. According to Smart, LiquidM’s technology will be integrated into Smart’s technology stack.

“Our industry currently faces a crisis of value erosion that puts increasing pressure on the entire programmatic ecosystem. Buyers seek transparency, accountability and more value from their media investments while publishers yearn to better monetize their core assets, including audience and 1st party data,” says Arnaud Créput, CEO of Smart AdServer. “LiquidM’s proven record in innovation will boost Smart’s commitment to creating Value Path Optimization emphasizing full transactional transparency. This will enable conflict-free, premium value and low-fee buying so both advertisers and publishers can flourish in a shared-interest approach.”

LiquidM is based in Berlin and was owned by Bertelsmann. According to Digiday, LiquidM was founded in 2013, and then was acquired by Bertelsmann in 2016, being folded into Gruner + Jahr’s native ad network Ligatus. The native ad network Ligatus was sold in April to Outbrain, but LiquidM was not included on the sale.

Thomas Hille, Managing Directors of LiquidM said to be very please to join Smart. “Smart is the ideal partner to grow our business given their premium publisher clients and their strong global footprint. We look forward to enlisting in Smart’s mission to bring even greater value to both advertisers and publishers,” he added.

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