Snap introduces new AR Features powered by GenAI

These advancements aim to empower both Snapchat users and AR developers to create more engaging and creative AR experiences.

Snap introduces new AR Features powered by GenAI

Snap is pushing the boundaries of augmented reality (AR) with the introduction of new features powered by its generative AI technology, the company yesterday announced. These advancements aim to empower both Snapchat users and AR developers to create more engaging and creative AR experiences.


Snap is offering a glimpse into the future of AR with a prototype of a real-time image generation model. This technology allows users to type in a description of a desired AR transformation and instantly see it come to life on their screen. This represents a significant milestone as it enables GenAI models to run directly on mobile devices, potentially paving the way for a more seamless and interactive AR experience for Snapchat users.

The ability to run GenAI models on mobile devices is attributed to advancements made by Snap's research and engineering teams. Their focus on optimizing GenAI techniques for faster performance and reduced resource consumption is critical for enabling real-time AR experiences on smartphones. These advancements also benefit existing GenAI-powered features within Snapchat, including Bitmoji Backgrounds, Chat Wallpapers, Dreams, AI Pets, and AI Lenses.

New GenAI Tools for AR Developers

In addition to user-facing innovations, Snap is introducing a new GenAI Suite within its AR creation tool, Lens Studio. This suite empowers AR developers to generate custom machine learning models and assets specifically designed to power their Lenses. The GenAI Suite can significantly reduce development time by eliminating the need to build models from scratch, potentially saving weeks or even months of work. This allows developers to focus on creating high-quality AR experiences more efficiently.

Snap emphasizes its commitment to democratizing AR creation by empowering anyone to leverage the tools within Lens Studio. The GenAI Suite expands this accessibility by unlocking new creative possibilities. Artists, developers, and creators can now combine custom ML models with various AR features to achieve the desired visual effects for their Lenses.

As an example of the creative potential offered by the GenAI Suite, Snap collaborated with London's National Portrait Gallery to develop Lenses inspired by iconic portrait styles. Snapchat users can utilize these Lenses to create Snaps that reflect these artistic styles and submit them to the museum's "Living Portrait" projection wall. This collaboration highlights the potential of GenAI Suite to foster artistic expression within the AR development community.

A look at one of the Lenses created by the Snap and the National Portrait Gallery, which used the GenAI Suite.

The GenAI Suite is integrated within the recently launched Lens Studio 5.0, a comprehensive update designed to improve productivity, modularity, and speed for AR creators. This update offers developers and their teams a wider range of tools to personalize their workflows and build more intricate AR projects.

With these advancements, Snap positions itself at the forefront of AR innovation. The company expresses its enthusiasm for the creative potential unlocked by these new tools and anticipates their adoption by the Snapchat community.

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