Snapchat rolls out new creative tools and personalization features

Snapchat rolls out new creative tools and personalization features

Snapchat last week unveiled a series of updates focused on video creation, camera functionality, and app personalization:

Templates: A new feature in Memories allows users to easily create polished video clips from existing camera roll content with automated editing and music syncing.

Video Length: Snapchat has extended the maximum length for video Snaps to three minutes. Additionally, users can now upload videos up to five minutes in length to Chats, Stories, and Spotlight.

Camera Toggle: A new toggle allows for seamless switching between Snapchat's standard camera and a mode offering more advanced editing tools.

AI Lenses: Snapchat has introduced new AI-powered Lenses that instantly apply festive themes to users' surroundings.

Snapchat+ Updates: Snapchat+ subscribers gain the ability to include their Bitmoji avatars in Friendship Profiles and can use a new AI tool to generate custom Bitmoji avatars based on photos of their pets.

Snapchat emphasizes that these updates are part of its commitment to providing users with new tools for creative expression and personalization within the app's environment.

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