Socialbakers launches conversational AI chatbots

Socialbakers launches conversational AI chatbots

Socialbakers this month launched a conversational AI chatbot enabling advertisers to automatically identify unanswered questions and instantly respond to frequently asked questions on social media.

"Inbound messages from social media channels increased threefold during the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic, overwhelming brands with questions from their customers," said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, President, Socialbakers. "That's why we're excited to announce that, beginning today, brands will be able to leverage customizable social chatbots within the Socialbakers Suite. By integrating social chatbots into their conversation workflows, brands will be able to delight their customers with seamless interactivity and timely, personalized interactions, while letting AI take care of repetitive FAQs."

According to Socialbakers, the technology provides an escalation to customer care agents with the full context of the query, so the questions do not stay unanswered.

Conversational AI chatbots enable agents to focus on more complex, and personalized conversations while the chatbots take care of the repetitive questions, regardless of the volume, time of day, or language.

Socialbakers says the AI-powered social chatbot is able to identify frequently asked question, to create conversation flows that please and resonate customer personas, and instantly create helpful responses to cover any shift, time zone, or geographic region.

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