Socialbakers releases a Content Hub

Socialbakers releases a Content Hub

Socialbakers releases a Content Hub, a go-to place for marketers to collaborate, plan and create content.

Socialbakers says Content Hub was created to address the challenges marketers face as they seek to create and promote engaging content while maintaining high velocity across multiple channels. Advertisers have also access to the performance analysis across both owned and competitive profiles.

Content Hub enables organisations to create content strategies and is fully integrated into the Socialbakers platform.

“Content Hub is an entirely new way for marketers to work with content,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, CEO, Socialbakers. “With these shareable insights, marketers can now better collaborate, measure, analyse, plan and execute great content strategies from a single platform. Everyone on the team will have the deep intelligence they need to create compelling content that their audiences love.”

Here the key pain points from the Content Hub:

  • Guide content strategies with AI-powered insights – Trade incomplete data sets that require hours to collect and analyse with actionable insights; create engaging content for targeted audiences, select the right activation channels, and spend the budget smarter.
  • Automate data collection and analysis at scale – Replace repetitive manual data collection with an all-inclusive overview of the entire competitive landscape to boost team efficiency and leave more time for productive work.
  • Replace team barriers and from-scratch plans – Break down departmental silos and siloed solutions, quickly learn from regional performance insights, and apply best practices globally.

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