Spain: digital ad spend grew 9% in 2017

The digital ad spend in Spain grew 9% last year, according to a PWC/IAB Spain study. Last year, agencies and advertisers spent 1708 million euros in digital advertising, making Spain the 9th biggest advertising market in Europe for digital advertising.

By population, Spain should be the 6th European market on the digital ad spend ranking, but Spain is still behind UK (1st), Germany (2nd), France (3rd), Russia (4th), Italy (5th), Sweden (6th), Netherlands (7th), and Switzerland (8th).

Although behind smaller populational markets, PWC estimates a minimum grow of 10% for the digital ad spend in Spain in 2018. Programmatic buying is expected to reach 25% of the total investment.

The study IAB Spain Digital Ad Spend 2017 concludes that video will continue to be one of the main drivers of the digital sector and is expected to increase by over 15%.