Specifications for implementing AdChoices and Consent Management Platforms

Specifications for implementing AdChoices and Consent Management Platforms
A sample of how access to DAA choice tools would be rendered in a DAA-Recognized CMP

A coalition of privacy self-regulatory organizations today launched a uniform approach for brands and publishers to offer privacy controls on sites and apps through Consent Management Platforms (CMPs) and the AdChoices program.

DAA Recognized CMP partners taking part in the beta phase of the launch include TrustArc, Evidon by Crownpeak, and Didomi.

Traditionally, there has been no technical or UI integration between the AdChoices Icon and CMPs’ choice tools. The new guidance and specifications – collectively called the “CMP Complement” – enable brands and publishers to offer access to both the choices traditionally offered by the CMP and the DAAs’ existing broader choice tools for interest-based advertising.

The CMP Complement allows consumers to use the universal AdChoices Icon to access a CMP’s console and the DAAs’ information and choices about relevant ads, thus advancing the DAAs’ mission to provide real-time notice and control outside of the privacy policy.

Brands and publishers can work with participating CMPs to direct consumers to a dedicated module or user flow within the CMP that focuses on relevant advertising, to enhance their existing AdChoices disclosures in conjunction with a participating CMP.

“The CMP Complement allows consumers to use the familiar AdChoices Icon to access and express their network-wide choices from DAAs’ tools, even though a CMP, via a trusted and familiar interface on both websites and apps. In addition, participating CMPs can aid consumers by allowing them to see their token-based choices and preferences reflected across a CMP customer’s network of sites and apps. This type of access to cross-site choice mechanisms will provide a reliable and well-understood consumer experience while allowing CMPs to provide a more useful and robust service to consumers and the digital properties they serve.” - Lou Mastria, Executive Director, Digital Advertising Alliance.

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