Spotify for Podcasters goes out of beta

Spotify for Podcasters goes out of beta

Spotify today launched publicly the platform Spotify for Podcasters. The Spotify’s platform for podcasters is a discovery and analytics dashboard, where audio publishers can submit the episodes, and have a dive deep into engagement and demographic data for the podcast.

According to Spotify, through Spotify for Podcasters, publishers can also track the average listening times, episode streams, and total listeners.

In February this year, Spotify acquired Gimlet and Anchor going all-in on podcasts and audio. Since then, Spotify is conquering market to Apple on the podcast listening, month over month. Austria, The Czech Republic and Romania in August 2019. India and Spain in April, 2019. Honduras, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland, and Indonesia in June, 2019.

In March, this year, Spotify also acquired Parcast, a storytelling-driven podcast studio.

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