Spotify launches Spotify Kids app, first in Ireland

Spotify yesterday launched Spotify Kids, a standalone app designed for kids and families. Spotify Kids is now available in Ireland, in a beta launch, for the users with Premium Family plan. Spotify Kids will be rolled in the coming months in all Spotify markets.

The content within Spotify Kids is hand-picked by a team of editors. Spotify says the app is available exclusively for Premium Family subscribers and intended for kids ages 3+.

“Spotify Kids was born out of the desire to create a playground of sound just for kids—to build a place where younger kids can explore their favorite music and stories in a fun environment. The content is ad-free and hand-picked by a team of editors, and the experience is bursting with color. Our visuals help guide young minds through the app with simple navigation and scaled-back text. Before setting out to explore, each kid can also select a custom avatar and color theme to personalize their experience,” said Alex Norström, Spotify’s Chief Premium Business Officer.

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