Spotify rolls out Podcast Ads

Spotify rolls out Podcast Ads
Podcast Ads

Spotify this month roll out Podcast Ads, using a Streaming Ad Insertion (SAI) together with Spotify planning, reporting, and measurement capabilities.

With Spotify Podcast Ads, advertisers can plan and reach an audience of Spotify listeners (including the premium accounts). Spotify says it will provide data-driven recommendations and insights to help advertisers reach the right audience.

Spotify Podcast Ads measure impressions reporting on the age, gender, device type, and listening behavior of the audience reached.

“In the past five years, podcasts have become a staple of pop culture. In that time, I’ve spoken to a lot of skeptical brands, and the conversation consistently begins and ends with measurement. I’m excited to continue evolving the medium at Spotify. With our trusted, logged in audience, we can finally prove out the effectiveness of podcasts with the data and insights that digital advertisers expect,” said Joel Withrow, Sr. Product Manager of Podcast Monetization at Spotify.

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